Contracted Services

The following services are funded by Community Living British Columbia

Community Inclusion

Kamloops Society for Community Inclusion support staff are responsible for supporting the individuals they work for to connect to their community in meaningful and enriching ways; working to create real relationships, challenging the status quo to enable people to reach their full potential while achieving their goals.

Residential Support

Fully staffed residential service is provided to those who require more in depth care. Even within a staffed residential home the goal is to connect individuals to their community to support a full and inclusive life.

Customized Employment

Our customized employment service is designed to help people find and maintain meaningful paid employment within the community. The employment staff work with people to draw out their skills, talents, and interests and then match them with an enthusiastic, compatible employer. Employment offers individuals independence, a sense of belonging and a sense of community. Our goal is to ensure that every person who wants employment, has employment.

Outreach Support

We believe it is imperative that the individuals we serve have lifestyles that are as unique as they are. We understand the importance that each person have support that is tailored to their needs so they can remain independent and not only thrive in their own home, but in their community as well. Staff work closely, in an on-going manner, with the people they support to continually explore and navigate interests and opportunities for relationships within the community.