Advocacy and Referral

Advocacy and Referral

Kamloops Society for Community Inclusion’s staff and information are available to any member of the community with concerns about themselves or someone they know with developmental disabilities. We strive to act as advocates for families and individuals, while equipping individuals to be heard as advocates for their wishes and needs.

The services provided by KSCI are available by referral from Community Living BC (CLBC), other associated professionals, or by coming on your own.

What We Do

We provide information on self-advocacy and peer advising so that individuals can advocate and make decisions themselves. An advocate is someone who speaks up for themselves or others. A self-advocate is someone who directly speaks for themselves, communicating their rights, needs, and desires so that they may be met. Every individual has the right to make life decisions without being influenced or controlled by others.

Peer advising is done by a self-advocate who is there to meet with people with developmental disabilities to give them different kinds of help. This may be things such as going with them to meetings, referring them to someone else who can help, introducing them to others who have similar issues, inviting and supporting them at self-advocacy meetings, and visiting people in their homes or programs to talk about their rights.

How We Do It

We provide information on advocacy and connect individuals with peer advisors, allowing them to make decisions for themselves.

Why We Do It

We believe that every person has the right to make decisions for themselves without the direct influence of other people. Our advocacy and referral services facilitate that.

Train Bridge

Welcome to Kamloops Society for Community Inclusion. We are a non-profit society dedicated to enriching the lives of adults with diverse abilities and promoting community inclusion in every form.

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